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For further info e-mail Customer Services at; info@zeetanet.com
For Technical support e-mail Tech Support at; technical@zeetanet.com


Please browse our site to see our range of services and products available,

We specialise in the creation and hosting of individual web sites, From multi nationals to sole traders.

The two biggest mistakes concerning your business and the Internet today are,

  • Ignoring the Internet,
  • Rushing into an Internet commitment.
  • Having an Internet presence is becoming much more of a necessary medium, than an advertising luxury. The Internet is developing at such an astonishing rate that to be left behind would place your Company in the amateur league of business's, This of course is only relevant to the business's that would benefit from an Internet presence.

    "How Do I find out if my business would suit the World Wide Web?"

    Simply pick up the phone and call us, or e-mail to info@zeetanet.com to contact us to discuss your Companies activities and objectives and we will carry out an appraisal to see if, and what type of web site would suit your needs.

    "How do I go about setting up my site?"

    We can, and will arrange for you, your own web site presence, Either hosted in your own account ,or through our own multiple mapping account,
    We have options to cater for all sizes of advertising revenue, and will guide your business onto the Internet with the minimum of fuss, and the maximum of effort!

    We are here to expand your horizons, from local, to GLOBAL!

    "I've seen and heard advertiements for free web site design and hosting , even adverts allowing me to make up my own web site?".

    Okay so an advert for 'free' web site design and hosting seems a good idea for your business, BUT can you take time out to update your site !, What if you decide to set up an e-commerce site, can you truly say you can cope with the system and site administration ?.
    Ultimately, there is no such thing as a free lunch, be prepared to be caught out by unseen costs, which will appear once you have registered with the site.

    What you get from us will include all your fee's, We can guarantee that in our preliminary internet appraisal we will cover all the fee's you are likely to encounter, and if further fee's should be come payable, we will inform you in advance, with a detailed explanation of the reason,

    One of the main reasons of further fee's accruing will be due to the success of your web site, and the amount of traffic accessing your site!...

    After all, you do want your "WEB" business to succeed, DON'T YOU!!!

    What a zeetanet.com web site will do for you!

  • Improved customer communication
  • Retention of existing customers
  • Capture new customers
  • Promotion of your business on a WORLD WIDE scale
  • Promote your business more comprehensively than with traditional printed advertisements!
  • Have a PROFESSIONALLY created, interactive web site!!

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    Application Service Providers

    Application Service Providers (ASP's) are companies that offer and provide business's, individuals, and organisations access through the internet to programmes, and related services be it stored on their own PC, or if the relevant machine is not powerful enough, it can be stored on the ASP's dedicated machine system.
    ASP services are becoming an increasingly important alternative, especially amongst business's limited by specific budgets for IT development.

    It is vital for business's to recognise the need in their company structure to facilitate the need for an ASP integrated system policy. It is recognised that small to medium sized companies with limited IT budgets and or IT skills are the main target for the need for an ASP policy.
    As the small sized entrepreneur is often confonted with the need for up to the minute, latest, and fastest equipment they will recognise the immense value and opportunities presented by the provision of an ASP policy to allow integration into their business of the rapidly expanding and changing environment of IT software and services.
    The SME market has benefitted substantially from the boom in the internet market place and with it a new era of e-commerce has arrived, and it is fundamentally changing the way that business's operate and compete.
    Never has there been such an opportunity, or pressure for aggressive, forward thinking companies to "Get big fast !". Only on realising the enormous expense required to keep in with the racing pace of IT advancement does the SME become reluctant to invest. Top level business applications can be prohibitively complex, difficult to manage within there own company, and expensive. Mid level applications whilst being within budget allowances of the SME's can be found to limit the explosive and massive growth potential that the business may experience.

    For smaller companies and start ups not able to support the initial outlay of IT staff required to maintain IT direction ASP's can provide the tools and support services to compete in an increasingly complex business environment. The shift to ASP's has many benefits for both clients and the provider who out source their systems and rely on third parties to provide application functionalityto free themselves from the burden of IT requirements.
    By turning over these needs to an ASP the business can concentrate on there core objectives, and services. ASP's can provide top level business systems years ahead of a companies projected forecast of needs. The provision from an ASP of the integrated system can alleviate the frustration and disruption caused by the updates and installation of newer software and peripherals and then outgrowing these in a matter of months!.

    For a monthly fee we can monitor your business strategy and growth potential to offer the equivalent service for your size. this will incorporate top level business applications, eliminate the down time incurred by the install, or upgrade of an inefficient business system, and render lengthy deployment strategy and time frames unneccessary.

    All backed by support which is first in the field of customer support.

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