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Database Creation
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TV and Video Production
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We specialise in the creation and hosting of individual web sites, From multi nationals to sole traders.

The two biggest mistakes concerning your business and the Internet today are,

  • Ignoring the Internet,
  • Rushing into an Internet commitment.
  • Having an Internet presence is becoming much more of a necessary medium, than an advertising luxury. The Internet is developing at such an astonishing rate that to be left behind would place your Company in the amateur league of business's, This of course is only relevant to the business's that would benefit from an Internet presence.
    "How Do I find out if my business would suit the World Wide Web?"
    Simply pick up the phone and call us, or e-mail us to discuss your Companies activities and objectives, and we can advise you if your business would benefit from a web site, and what type of web site would suit your needs.  
    "How do I go about setting up my site?"

    We can, and will arrange for you, your own web site presence, Either hosted in your own account, or through our own multiple mapping account,
    We have options to cater for all sizes of advertising revenue, and we will guide your business onto the Internet with the minimum of fuss, and the maximum of effort!

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    "I've seen and heard advertisements for free web site design and hosting ,
    even adverts allowing me to make up my own web site?".
    Okay so an advert for 'free'?? web site design and hosting seems a good idea for your business, BUT can you take time out to update your site !, What if you decide to set up an e-commerce site, can you truly say you can cope with the system and site administration ?.
    Ultimately, there is no such thing as a free lunch, be prepared to be caught out by unseen costs, which could appear once you have registered with the site.
    Back door fee's which could be raised include:

    Website revisions, updates, additions, enhancements, interactivity
    (forms, guestbooks, state maintenance, e-mail forwarding, release and transference of your web site to a new service provider)
    And the biggest catch alls; e-commerce, and e-mail encryption This could cost you a fortune, and you may find yourself tied to the service provider, who could use inferior software.

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    We can produce and edit customised video's for:
    home entertainment
    Business training and safety courses

    DVD and CD rom Replication

    We are able to supply DVD rom and CD rom replication from 50 to 50,000 units click here for a pricing request

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    What you get from us will include all your fee's, We can guarantee that in our preliminary internet appraisal we will cover all the fee's you are likely to encounter, and if further fee's should be come payable, we will inform you in advance, with a detailed explanation of the reason,

    One of the main reasons of further fee's accruing will be due to the SUCCESS! of your web site, and the amount of traffic accessing your site!...

    After all, you do want your "WEB" business to succeed, DON'T YOU!!!

    What a zeetanet.com web site will do for you!
  • Improved customer communication
  • Retention of existing customers
  • Capture of new customers
  • Promotion of your business on a WORLD WIDE scale
  • Promote your business more COMPREHENSIVELY than with traditional printed advertisements!
  • Have a PROFESSIONALY created, interactive web site!!

  • View three different web site layouts

  • Multi frameset
  • Single frameset
  • Single continual web page
  • For further info e-mail Customer services at info@zeetanet.com
    For Technical Support, e-mail Support at tech@zeetanet.com
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